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Kat Von D

Kat Von D is one of the most recognizable womans on th word that promote the tattoo trends. She has a lot of fans all over the world all this thanks to the TV Show called Miami Ink that she appeared on. As you can see on the pictures her body is covered with lots of different tattoo designs. Besides of taking a part of the popular TV Show she is also very talented tattoo artists and her sketches and designs can be found allover the Internet. She also published her book that covers most of her artwork that was released in January 2009 called High Voltage Tattoo. Kat Von D is the creator of the make-up line for the Sephora and the creator of the Musink Festival.

Kat Von D is a very beautiful woman but because of so many tats on her body she become very controversial person. All because not everyone accepts tattoos a a artwork.


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