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She Claims

An Ottawa paper printed a story about a local fifty year old firefighter who is going through the legal process over charges of touching his girlfriend’s backside with a hot spatula.

His story goes like this. They’re drinking and joking around while cooking in the kitchen. He claims his girlfriend was saying she wanted his initials tattooed on her. Which led to him trying to recreate the feeling or sensation of getting a tattoo –with a hot spatula. The edge of the spatula accidently came in contact with her skin on her rear.

Why you would think that a hot spatula feels anything like getting a tattoo? But as I said drinking was involved.

She claims he was being abusive. He claims it was a joke. She says he’s a monster and everyone else says he rarely drinks and he takes care of his elderly mother.

“I’ve never seen a pre-sentence report that was so schizophrenic,” said Ontario Court Justice Peter Wright. “It’s night and day.”


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