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Platform Updates: Operation Developer Love

This week, we updated the JavaScript SDK to support OAuth 2.0 and extended the timeline for apps to migrate to OAuth 2.0 by October 1st.

Dark background for the Facepile plugin

Similiar to other social plugins, the Facepile plugin is now also available in the dark color scheme. You can preview Facepile in the dark background by toggling the 'color scheme' field to 'dark' in the Facepile configurator.

Uploading Photos to the Graph API via a URL

Earlier this year, we released support for uploading photos directly via the Graph API. This requires sending the photo as a MIME-encoded form field. We are now enhancing our photo upload capability by introducing the ability to upload photos simply by providing a URL to the image. This simplifies photo management for a number of use cases:

App developers who host their images on Amazon S3 or a similar service can pass the S3 URL directly to Facebook without having to download the file to their application servers only to upload it again to Facebook. This improves performance and reduces costs for developers.
Apps written on platforms that don't have good support for multipart file uploads can create new photos more easily.

To upload a photo via a URL, simply issue an HTTP POST to ALBUM_ID/photos with the url field set to the URL of the photo you wish to upload. You need the publish_stream permission to perform this operation. You can also include an optional message parameter to set a caption for the photo. For example:

For detail : Facebook Platform


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