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Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly symbol is one of the most popular girly tattoo design and also one of the most delicate and beautiful. The phenomenon of the butterfly tattoo comes from his versatility, those designs can be inked in a lot of shapes and sizes. There are also a lot of different tattoo motifs that can be used as a great addition to butterfly symbol. What will be better tattoo designs for the girls in the summertime than a butterfly? I know! Exotic flower with few butterflies flying around it. Another interesting thing in the butterfly symbol is its meaning which absolutely surprise every one. Most of the tattooist will say that the butterfly is the symbol of fragile beauty and delicacy. For me the meaning of it is slight different. Butterfly can also be a symbol of rebirth and inner transformation similar to the symbol of phoenix. It’s because butterfly short life circle which is divided on a three periods. The first one is from an egg to larva, the second one is from larva to pupa and the third one is from pupa to an adult form when the beautiful butterfly is born to life. For the person that wears the butterfly tattoo it can symbolize some turning point in their life’s or just inner restoration. Girly tattoos like butterfly are the perfect choice for a girl that wants to stand out from the crowd and looks really fashionable.


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