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Ritual Tattoos

If you take a close look at the history of Tattoos you will get to know that the word tattoo derives from the word used on Tahiti – Tatau. Which was referring to the old ritual body decoration used by the indigenous peoples on Tahiti. The strongest and most fearless warriors from the Samoan tribes that used to live on those lands had the privilege to tattoo their body each time they succeed to defeat their enemy in battle. The legend says that after killing his enemy Samoan warrior was draining his soul and strength that furder was imbued in to the tattoo inked on the victorious body. Such tattoos except of its mysterious meaning also had a unique and fascinating designs. Thats why the tribal tattoos are one of the most popular modern tattoo designs for man. Another and probably one of the most interesting ritual tattoo designs can be find In Thailand. Somewhere deep in the country there are several temples a holy places where Thai monks are contemplating and cultivating the ancient traditions. Back in the history most of the Thai warriors where tattooed their bodies with the protective symbols that suppose to drove the evil spirits away and shield them from their enemies. Such powerful markings could been drafted only by the Buddhist monks that lives in the Wat Bang Phra temple. Only the most gifted from the monks can be delegated and trained as a sacred markings tattooist. Even this days a lot of people from all over the world arrives to the Thailand to ask one of the master tattooist to ink the protective symbols on their bodies.


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