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Henna Tattoos

Not everybody knows that henna is produced from the leaves and shoots of the plant called Lawsonia inermis and from more than 5000 years it is used to paint skin on territories that belongs to countries like: Africa, far east, India, Pakistan and Iran. Massai warriors used henna to paint various designs on their faces in order to emphasize their tribal status. Currently painting skin with henna is getting more and more popular and because the henna stains can last from a few days to a month it can be efficiently used to make body tattoo. There can be found different colors of henna such as: black, red or brown. There are lots different ideas and motifs for henna tattoos such as: flowers, butterfly’s but also dragons and other commonly known tattoo designs. So if you like tattoos but you don’t want to make one for the life time just try to use henna and enjoy the unique tattoo designs for a long weeks.


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