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Rib Tattoos for Girls

Rib tattoos for girls are symbols of a fad that pain cannot stop. It is the combination of femininity, strength, and art. Rib cage structure is definitely delicate in any human body but it gets more fragile on the female form. Thin layer of tissues covers the bones that can bring so much pain when needlepoint pinches over it. Thing is, designs of rib tattoos are typically huge and painstakingly detailed, which adds more to the conditions that a girl has to consider before starting off a series of session. Those very reasons are in turn the same ones that inspire a girl to see an emblem etched artistically all over their rib cage. It is overcoming fear to express themselves through their body.

Supernova Effect
Stars are the best symbols of infinity and universal mystic. Rib cage tattoos for girls have adapted several ways on how stars can look their best in solace or in group. As the rib cage can give the effect of a pallet like the sky, a girl can have a string of stars in similar or different sizes.

Mostly used star designs for rib cage tattoos come in a group like a personalized constellation that bears meaning which can be explicit or discreet. There are girls who go for one star tattoo that has a special design to convey their personality.


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