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Rib Tattoos for Guys

Rib tattoos for guys is now the new benchmark of how brave a man can be when it comes to wearing a tattoo. That courage is not just how they can switch off their minds on feeling pain while they allow needles to shoot down ink into each pores of their skin. More than physical pain is the confidence to not feel awkward with how their body could carry these rib cage tattoos without a shirt on.

Biceps have been the common canvass of tattoos for men. It is a regular sight to see designs like flowers, snakes, or a cross peeping through a man’s shirt sleeves or seeing the full length of the design when those sleeves are off.
Choosing to get tattoos on rib cage could have been the first option if not for the challenge of keeping well-toned muscles on this part of the body. Giving justice to any design will be difficult if irregular shape of flab dominates that area. Sitting down for hours to get a personalized pattern could just end up in disappointment if a guy’s rib cage area cannot project the art of the cool rib cage tattoos.


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