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World of Warcraft Tattoos

well, after being down for over 6 months – with some server issues, and data loss ( tut tut – back up, back up I know, we are finally back up and running..

Over the coming days/weeks/ months – I will be be re adding all the old tattoos, and hunting out the new . please feel free to email us your picks via the contact us page.

So to kick of with our first find – we head over to where are first tattoo can be found.

Now, for me Horde FTW! but i know alot of wow’ers have toons in both side of the war, so I can see how this tattoo has come to light, but personally – might be a bit over the top for me.

The artwork is amazing and the attention to the detail is flawless from what we can see in the image.


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Artikel Komputer said...

Blogwalking sobat, backliknya sudah terpasang di blog saya silahkan di cek di

Wednesday, 26 January, 2011

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