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89.1% Email Sent Were Spam in 2010

89.1 percent of emails sent last year were Spam among a total of 107 trillion messages across the internet in 2010, according to Pingdom, which provides web monitoring services to companies including, Twitter and
The number of emails sent were among several facts and figures gathered by the Website and published on its blog,

The average number of emails sent per day is 294 billion, however, 262 billion (about 89 percent) are said to be Spam.

The number of email accounts held worldwides is said to be 2.9 billion, with 480 million new email users joining last year.

Pingdom also published other facts about the use of the Internet including the growth and popularity of social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter.

The number of Internet users worldwide is said to be 1.97 billion, with Australia and Oceania accounting for 21.3 million users. In 2010, there was a 14 percent increase in Internet users since the previous year.

The majority of Internet Users come from Asia, however, where the region accounts for 825.1 million users.

There were 255 million websites as of December 2010, with 21. 4 million new websites added during the year.

There was a 7 percent increase in the number of domain names added last year, with .com domain names holding the majority at 88.8 million.

Social media is also enjoying phenomenal growth. The Twitter website grew by 100 million new accounts added last year, with 175 million people sending a total of 25 billion tweets.

Lady Gaga is Twitter's most followed user, with 7.7 million followers.

Twitter's growth however, was overshadowed by Facebook, which grew by 250 million new accounts last year, to a population of 600 million people on Facebook. In total they share 30 billion pieces of content per month.

Twitter apps installed each day now total 20 million.

Video is also enjoying huge growth with 2 billion videos being watched per day on YouTube.

35 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, with 20 million videos uploaded to Facebook per month. The number of videos watched per month on Facebook is also said to be in excess of 2 billion.

Photos uploaded per month to Facebook stands at 3+ billion, while online photo library, Flickr hosts 5 billion photos. The number of photos uploaded to Flickr is said to be in excess of 3000 per minute.


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