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How to make website popular?

* Create quality content (good system + good content, at least good content or good system)
* Never spam!!!
* Add your site to Open Directory (
* Add your site to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Live, Gigablast etc...
* Add your site to web 2.0/social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Digg, Facebook etc.
* Add your site to links under related articles on Wikipedia(if any, do not spam!)
* Read forums, join diskussions and add your site to related topics
* Read blogs, post comments with your site
* Do not steal or repeat content
* Build user friendly cross-browser websites
* Dont put important content in images, flash files, javascripts or java applets
* Press releases
* Link exchanges with targeted websites
* RSS feeds / Newsletter
* Make all your important pages reachable with 3 clicks from index page
* Advertise with Adsense, Yahoo! Ad Specs etc...


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